Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BSO Assistant Conductor Auditions

This afternoon BSO musicians and Marin will perform an interesting task: we have invited 5 conductors to an audition to be the BSO's Assistant Conductor next season. The Artistic Advisory Committee, on which I have served for the past 4 years, will poll BSO musicians on their preferences after seeing each candidate for about 20 minutes of conducting. In many cases 20 minutes is hardly enough to make absolute decisions, but you can often tell quite a bit in that length of time.

Should be interesting...


  1. Wow! It would be great to hear what kind of specific feedback everyone gives! For example, what did they like and not like? Was a certain aspect of conducting and personality more effective than another?

  2. Naomi, every musician has her/his own take on what makes a good conductor. I'm going to now post an entry on what I think is needed for a good conductor. Thank you for reading my blog! Please feel free to share your thoughts.