Thursday, November 4, 2010

Greener Fall Colors?

I hope you've been enjoying this beautiful autumn weather. It's such a pretty time of the year in Baltimore, with crisp mornings, bright rays of sunshine cutting through the many colors of the leaves, and the squirrels hurriedly stocking up for the winder. Except for when the crisp morning enters your house because your furnace quit working. Wednesday morning I was actually a bit late for a BSO rehearsal (which happens very rarely), because I had to wait for a service person to show up and fix what turned out to be a relatively minor problem.

I have taken advantage of the dry weather to ride my all-electric scooter (yes, with my violin on my back!) that I bought almost a year ago this month. I live by Belvedere Square, in a location that's about 5 miles or less from just about everything, so I sometimes make several short trips a day.

Last year, as I spotted this beauty in Fell's Point shop, I came to a realization that these trips, in addition to wasting gas, do a great job in keeping food on my auto mechanic's table. The scooter I bought is all electric, and it recharges in my garage in a few hours on minimal amount of electricity. I have since logged over a thousand miles without spending a cent on gas (plus it's almost noiseless, and, of course, doesn't pollute). So, if you ever see an unusual looking yellow/black scooter in town ridden by a black-helmeted guy with a violin case on his back, give me a honk!


  1. How wonderful that you ride an electric scooter. It certainly is one of the advantages of living close to everything. Our choice to live in the country, surrounded by woods, brought us to a Toyota Prius, which we love. And which carries my horn and my husband's tuba quite nicely!! And yes, we have been enjoying this beautiful autumn weather. Next time I am in Baltimore I will look for you on your scooter!

  2. And if you do spot me and we ride next to one another, we will still make almost no noise! Just heard that the entire country of Portugal is wiring up (installing outlets in public places). Let's hope that, with the new electric cars coming out, the mindset gets changes in this country as well!