Monday, November 7, 2011

Opera Update

So, here we are in the pit of the Lyric, ready for the three hours of overt emotions, death, unexpressed love, and great music that Verdi's Traviata offers. And then, the unthinkable happens: the computer that controls the lighting crashes, and the many hundreds of Baltimore's finest patrons, that have been waiting way too long for the Grand Opera to show its presence in this fine city, have to wait another thirty minutes for the show to start.

But all is forgiven and quickly forgotten when the first notes of violins start playing a melody that is heart-wrenchingly beautiful and yet hints at the tragic things to come, and the glorious curtain rises to reveal a party scene that starts the story...

Grand Opera is back in Baltimore!


  1. have been there, it's so spiritual place!! really you can feel it's atmosphere with all your heart

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  3. Each ancient building has its own history, and almost every story has similar tragic moments that remain forever in memory.

  4. When you immerse yourself in this music, you simply forget about everything and succumbed to the influence of the emotions that the performer of these melodious sounds convey to you.